Arsenal FC

Arsenal F.C. are a London, England based football team established in 1886.

Arsenal History

Arsenal Football Club was formed as Dial Square by the workers at the Royal Arsenal munitions factory in Woolwich, south London. The name changed soon after to Royal Arsenal soon after and, when the club became a professional football club in 1891, the name was changed again, to Woolwich Arsenal.

In 1893, Arsenal gained election to the Football League, and played matches in the Second Division. In 1904, Arsenal were promoted to the First Division.

Sir Henry Norris and The Arsenal

A key figure in the early formation of Arsenal FC was chairman Sir Henry Norris in the early part of the 20th century.
At the start of Norris' tenure at the club, Arsenal had no stadium of their own and played at various sites in South London. Stories of the poor condition of the pitches and playing conditions at this time are abundant.

In 1913, Norris took the controversial step of seeking a move for the club from south to north London. Norris was a business and man and property developer and became to be known for being wily and ruthless in both his business dealings and his stewardship of Arsenal.
Norris identified that North London would enable the club to have a larger base of local fans than south of the river, and to annoyance of existing North London club Tottenham Hotspur, secured the purchase of an area of land owned by the church in Highbury.

Norris created what was to be Arsenal's home for almost 100 years, Arsenal Stadium. Arsenal eventually moved out of the stadium in 2006 and it has since been turned into residential housing.

Arsenal Stadium


Emirates Stadium, by Abigail Silvester

The club's current home is Emirates Stadium at Ashburton Grove in Holloway, London.
Arsenal moved in to the stadium in July 2006, and Emirates hold the stadium naming rights until 2021.

Arsenal on the Internet

Arsenal are a well supported club both in England and internationally, and there are a number of excellent resources for fans of the team.

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Arsenal Blogs

Arsenal are one of the most written and blogged about football teams on the internet and it is best to use something like the above Arsenal news site to find their stories all in one place. However, here are a couple of exceptional blogs :

Arsenal FC Blog - A general blog with match previews, reports and opinion pieces.

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